portable dosimeter reader

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portable dosimeter reader portable dosimeter reader


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The reader is intended to connect personal dosimeters series AT2503 and AT3509 to PC and provides their operation in the dosimetry control system.

The reader provides data exchange of dosimeters and PC by infrared channel transforming optical signals into standard electrical ones for interface.

The reader is a enclosure with support and special pocket, in which the clamp is inserted until bumping in order to connect a dosimeter. The cable with socket is used to connect the reader to a USB-port.

Dosimeters together with the reader connected to PC and applied software form the automated dosimetry control system.

The system provides possibility:
to read out serial and individual numbers of a dosimeter;
to reset dose accumulated by a dosimeter;
to log individual dose to data base automatically;
to change individual number of a dosimeter;
to change dose cumulative interval and alarm thresholds;
to disable/enable dose and dose rate thresholds;
to disable/enable dose reset selection;
to change time interval for a dosimeter to switch economical mode;
to modify some dosimeter’s functions.