digital dosimeter / personal / gamma / X-ray
AT6130 series Atomtex



  • Type:

    digital, personal, gamma, X-ray


Compact reasonably priced device intended for gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate measurement.


Low weight and small size
Automatic compensation of intrinsic detector background
Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level is exceeded for dose and dose rate
Rapid reaction to statistically significant change of dose rate (measurement process restart)
Dose rate and dose thresholds can be selected in entire measurement range and saved when the radiation monitor is switched off
Field operation capability over a wide temperature range
In search mode each registered gamma quantum is indicated by a sound signal
Up to 100 measurement results can be stored in non-volatile memory with information about measurement date and time
Measurement results, current time, date and battery life indicator is displayed on matrix LCD screen
Bright white backlit LCD-screen

Radiation protective measures in case of nuclear disasters
Civil protection
Fire-fighting service
Customs service
Dosimetric monitoring in manufacturing facilities, health care and other institutions