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AT6101C series Atomtex



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AT6101C Spectrometer is designed for detection of radioactive sources and is an efficient tool for prevention of radiological terrorist threats and other unauthorized activities like illicit storage, use, transfer and traffic of radioactive substances and materials. Can also be used for radiation monitoring of areas, routes, isolated grounds, industrial sites and buildings with GPS-referencing of measurement data.
The spectrometer can comprise the following detection units:
▪BDKG-11M / BDKG-19M Spectrometric gamma radiation detection unit (basic version)
▪BDKN-05 Neutron radiation detection unit (option).
▪BDKG-04 Wide-range dosimetric gamma radiation detection unit (option).
In cases when higher spectrometer sensitivity to gamma radiation is required BDKN-05 detection unit can be replaced by additional BDKG-11M (BDKG-19M) detection unit (option).
The spectrometer can be delivered in a backpack (basic version) or in a sealed shock-proof case (option).

Operating principle

As a control and indication device the handheld computer (HPC) is used. Data transfer from detection units to HPC is carried out via Bluetooth. Data transfer by cable is carried out in the places where transfer via radiochannel is impossible or undesirable.
The spectrometer operates in continuous radiation environment scan mode: continuous search, detection, localization and identification of gamma radiation sources; search and detection of neutron radiation sources.