gamma ray spectrometer / compact / monitoring
AT1321 Atomtex



  • Type:

    gamma ray

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, monitoring


Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) is a compact instrument for rapid detection of radiation materials and sources with natural, medical, industrial radionuclide identification function.


Compact and highly-sensitive to gamma radiation
Spectrum analysis and radionuclide identification can be done without PC
Internal GPS-module for geo-referencing of measurement data
USB and Bluetooth interfaces for connecting to PC
At least 700 spectrum files can be stored in detector internal memory
Low weight and small size
Sound, light and vibration notification

Emergency situations on nuclear energy facilities
Suppression of unlawful traffic of radioactive sources
Monitoring of premises and environment
Radiation safety control during work with radioisotopes
Radiation monitoring of nuclear industry, oil and gas complex, and other fields
Radiopharmaceuticals production and Nuclear medicine
Dosimetry survey of ground, radioactive mapping