scanning detector / gamma / neutron / radiation
AT6103 Atomtex



  • Detected entity:

    gamma, neutron

  • Application:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, for military applications


Mobile radiation scanning system is designed for radiation survey and gamma and neutron radiation source detection with GPS-referencing.

It can easily be mounted on ground, maritime or aerial vehicles with no special equipment.

It operates without connection to on-board power source. It is fully automated, yet allows monitoring and control by operator.

It comprises one or multiple monitors (up to 6), accessory kit, tablet PC and software package. Each monitor has 1 – 3 integrated smart probes. Number of monitors and smart probes in each monitor can be selected by user.

System scalability in terms of monitors allows gamma and neutron radiation response control over a wide range.

Tablet PC is used to manage monitors' operation. Monitors connect to tablet PC via radio channel or USB.