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AT6105 Atomtex

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gamma spectrometer / monitoring gamma spectrometer / monitoring - AT6105


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This stationary system is designed for continuous and uninterrupted dosimetric and spectrometric radiation monitoring of land, facilities, wells and other sites.

The System is a network of interconnected gamma radiation detection units with connection to PC. Detection units are monitored and controlled by "SSRM" software to collect and display all measurement data on PC screen.


SSRM-АТ6105 operating principle is based on intermittent reading of dose rate measurement result and instrument spectrum of gamma radiation for each detection units in the system. The measured spectrum is used to identify the composition of gamma radiation source.

If dose rate value transmitted by the Detection unit exceeds "Alarm" threshold setting or an "alarming" nuclide has been identified (software setting for each detection unit), the system initiates a sound and visual alarm on the PC.


▪ Well monitoring in radioactive waste disposal sites

▪ Monitoring of radioactive and nuclear material waste repository areas

▪ Part of radionuclide certification service

▪ Induced-radioactivity well survey

▪ Liquid radioactive waste monitoring