LED display / 1-line / outdoor / external
AT2327 Atomtex



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    outdoor, external


Alarm dosimeter is intended for radiation monitoring of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous areas and facilities.

Gamma smart probe is used for measuring of radiation background level.
Dosimeter operation algorithm provides measurement continuity, rapid reaction to background radiation level change and real time display of detection unit data on external display.
Ambient temperature and current time and date is additionally displayed.
Control unit is responsible for controlling the operation modes, performing necessary calculations, storing and backing-up measurement results, as well as for supplying power to devices. It hosts command console, interface adapter and backup power supply.
Control unit is to be installed indoors.


Coach and railway terminals, airports, underground railway systems
Civil defence and security services facilities, high-security objects
Manufacturing facilities
Radiation detection and dosimetric laboratories
Radiological health care facilities
Nuclear industry facilities