digital dosimeter / gamma / X-ray
AT112x series Atomtex



  • Type:

    digital, gamma, X-ray


AT1121, AT1123 X-RAY and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters, tissue-equivalent detector features scintillation plastic with the addition of heavy metals. They are capable of measuring short-term (from 30 ms - AT1121) and impulse (from 10 ns AT1123) radiation and determining exposure times. They are well suited for severe operating conditions in X-ray diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiology, X-ray and gamma-ray flaw detection and testing, X-ray search and accelerating apparatus, radiation accidents, radiation monitoring, nuclear industry, accelerating installations and various research activities. These units feature a large backlight dedicated digital/analogue LCD screen, built-in LED measurement path stabilization system and visual and audio alarms (for exceeded threshold). Additionally, they can be used for remote measurement, via external control panel and as fixed instruments with alarm dosimeter functionality and remote control (up to 25 m). These units are also available with three power source options.