digital dosimeter / X-ray / radiation
AT1103M Atomtex



  • Type:

    X-ray, digital, radiation


The AT1103M X-RAY Radiation Dosimeter is designed to examine approved levels of X-Ray radiation with minimal energy from night vision devices, video display units, TV receivers, oscillographs, ion implanters, microwave emitters and medical and search constant X-Ray instuments, protective measures control, certification testing of devices and equipment with elements of unused X0Ray radiation and dosimetric control during work with 55Fe, 239Pu, 109Cd, 129I, 241Am, 57Co, 139Ce etc. isotopes.

The ships with an extensive list of features to include adapts fast to changes in the level of radiation, looks for minimal energy and X-Ray gamma radiation sources, visual and sound alarm in the event the level of threshold goes overboard, memory feature for 100 measurements results, inbuilt system for calculating path LED stabilization, which eradictes the need to check for the radioactive source, analog to digital converter to cater to 256 channels, the result of the measurements can be noted down, saved and transferred via the RS 232 interface to the PC, dust and splash resistant design, not suitable for natural background measuring and background part correction while measuring.