X-ray dosimeter / digital / radiation
AT5350/1 Atomtex



  • Type:

    X-ray, digital, radiation


AT 5350/1 Dosimeter is used for ionization radiation metrology, clinical dosimeter, physical research of photon radiation fields, low level charge and current measurements and radiation therapy.
The dosimeter can be delivered with graduation for air absorbed doses, air kerma, exposure dose, water absorbed dose and ambient equivalent dose. The data about delivered ionization are stored in the non-volatile memory of the dosimeter. The library can take extra chambers.
The device has an integrated high voltage source that is used for powering ionization chambers with output voltage that can be set between 1 V and 500 V with the step of 1 V. It also has an automatic measurement results correction related to the air density in unpressurized chambers. It also calculates pressure values and entered temperature. The device also provides automatic compensation of spurious current input.
The measurement units can be selected between Sv, Gy, C, A, and R in accordance to the measured physical values. Mathematical and logical processing of the results is carried out by 8 different residential programs.