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superheated water boiler / biomass / fire tube / horizontal



  • Product:

    superheated water

  • Power source:


  • Firebox:

    fire tube

  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, three-pass

  • Power:

    Max.: 13,000 kW

    Min.: 100 kW


The ASPM boiler is a three-pass horizontal fire-tube Superheated & hot water boiler, with a furnace designed for Biomass.
With thermal power from 100 Kw up to 13.000 Kw

It's main summed up characteristics are:
•The ASPM boiler, among the solid fuel boilers, is one of the boilers with the highest performance.

The furnace design, distribution and smoke tube section as well as over 70 years of experience enable the ASPM boiler to achieve combustion with very little ashes and dust.

Very little loss from radiation thanks to the insulation of great thickness and high density.

Up to 6% energy savings can be achieved by installing an ATTSU economizer for heating return water.

The furnace access doors to the front and rear smoke box make the ASPM boiler the easiest to maintain and check.

•The ASPM boiler may be supplied (upon request) with the ATTSUTROL electric control cabinetwith built in automation.

The ASPM boiler is certified in accordance with European Directive 2014/68/UE.

The ASPM boiler, thanks to the single startup control, incidence indicators automatic blocking against erroneous maneuvers and a panel with summarized maintenance instructions makes it very reliable and comprehensible to the boiler operator.