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tubular heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / for thermal fluid boilers



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    for thermal fluid boilers


Thermal Oil Heat Exchanger to heat other types of oil by means of thermal oil as primary fluid
To heat other types of oil such as vegetable, animal, etc., and adaptable to the required secondary fluid

Its main characteristics summarized are:
The IAL is a heat exchanger specially designed to use thermal oil as a primary fluid so as to heat other types of oil such as vegetable, animal, etc.
- A wide range of power starting from 100,000 kcal/h
- Small size, constructive result of a long experience and constant product improvement, and the ability to work both horizontally and vertically
- Extraordinary cleanability in the secondary oil circuit
- Best thermal transmission, as in the design seeks maximum speed of both fluids which favors the exchange and that combined with excellent thermal insulation provides a set of maximum efficiency
- Accessibility to all components and consequently easy maintenance.

The equipment can be supplied with valves, pumps and control elements with analog output and communication for remote control.