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quadrotor UAV / aerial photography / carbon fiber



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    aerial photography

  • Other characteristics:

    carbon fiber

  • Endurance:

    70 min


The FV4-LT dron is a quadrorotor made in carbon fiber and aeronautic aluminium destinated to minimize the flight duration. He's capable to realize flights with a period of 70 minutes. Therefore, it's the perfect team for precised farming apps and teledection due to its high capability of flight

Thanks to the fairing of carbon fiber helps the sealing of the team and with the electric motors of high benefits let the flight in rain conditions.

It's completelly compatible with our multispectrals sensors Sequoia and Red Edge so that it maximize the work with this dispositives.

It complies all the security checks of our teams FV8, FV6 and FV1, letting the landing and takeoff completely automatic, so as the others security protocols implemented thanks to our european electronic of maximum gurantee.

With his FV4-LT team, it incluyes without any additional cost the multispectral sensors of 4 bands with the RGB sensor included.