three-phase harmonic filter reactor
Filtre actif modulaire FAFW34030 AUNILEC



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Power Factor Correction
The Aunilec APF not only compensate harmonic current but also the reactive power. It is able to correct for either a leading or lagging power factor.

• Modular design, easy to extend
• Up to 51st harmonic • Individual selection up to 12 harmonic simultaneously filtered
• Close/open loop control
• Improves power factor
• Unbalanced loads compensation
• Reduces apparent power consumption at the supply and saves costs
• Resolves the nuisance tripping of capacitors
• Programmable power factor correction
• Full-time DSP control system
• Easy selection and maintenance
• Shunt connection
• Flexible upgrading and redundancy
• Parallel operation with different capacity
• User friendly LCD control panel
• EPO (Emergency Power Off)
• Rack/wall installation
• USB, RS232, RS485/422, SNMP
• 2 years warranty