multi-parameter calibration and test bench / mechanical / automatic
ALS300MM Aurel



  • Test type:


  • Other characteristics:

    mechanical, automatic


Transport system for the device. Heating and cooling zones, testing areas under pressure, gas, humidity or other custom requirements.

This line includes:

AUREL Laser Trimmer ALS300GM
Trais indexer, lifts and return belt
One tray holds 5 sensors round or square
On the line there are 60 trays.
On each tray is fixed an electronic transponder to read and store informations
Testing and trimming stations at programmed temperature (e.g.: first at 80°C, second at 50°C, testing and trimming at 20°C, final test at 80°C, cooling)
Area for sensor loading-unloading, manually or automatically by robot
PC control and programmable instruments