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digital control panel / compact / with touchscreen



  • Other characteristic:

    digital, compact, with touchscreen


Very simple to program with variations to all process criteria : cooking, circulation, cooling etc. HACCP connection
All controls grouped on front touch screen panel.
Compact. Easily readable and user-friendly.

Normally linked to a mixer to ensure homogeneous temperature of the product -our high- performance control systems are simple.

Low-voltage controls.

Range of main functions :

- Cooking temperature with digital display
- Cooking time (based on temperature setting)
- Cooling temperature
- Connection for centralized management (HACCP)
- Full sagety interlocking by specialised logic unit.
- Reset button
- Agitator variable speed control
- Intermittent agitator function
- Water meter
- PRAUTHEUS module allows all vessel functions to be grouped together and allows 38 recipes with 7 stages to be memorized. Very simple programming.