automatic feeding system / flexible / for packaging machines
Autobag® Maximizer Automated Packaging Systems



  • Options:

    flexible, automatic

  • Applications:

    for packaging machines


The Autobag® Maximizer is manufactured by Automated Packaging Systems, and is suitable for conveying and counting hand load items at speeds up to 70 batches per minute. It is a controlled motion,flighted conveyor that is constructed to be easy to utilize.

The unit reduces labor cost while doubling packaging throughput, gives higher packaging productivity with fewer operators. It is suitable for hand load kit packages and sub assemblies. It is also reliable and fast due to its quick set up and easy to operate panel.

The unit is commonly applied in automotive & appliance parts, electrical & electronic parts, plumbing & heating products, jewelry & novelty items, etc. It has a power rating of 110 to 200 V AC at 50/60 Hz.