biodegradable air cushion protective packaging machine
AirPouch® FastWrap™ Automated Packaging Systems


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    biodegradable air cushion


This is the high quality of AirPouch® FastWrap™which is extremely flexible, reliable as well as user-friendly on-demand protective packaging system. The FastWrap system can make bubbles as well as tubes which can used for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications. It secures as well as cushions your product thoroughly in transfer which returns and can increase the satisfaction of the customer. It is highly compact as well as convenient with a complete electrical design and a small footprint of the AirPouch FastWrap. This makes it a good stand-alone system with a combination of equipment accessories for any size pack station. The system works at 65 linear feet per minute, and has operator-friendly controls as well as simple material changeover. The FastWrap system also has a state-of-the-art technology with high reliability as well as quality. It has a dual belt drive and seal flattening system (patent pending) which ensures a wrinkle-free seal and good air retention. It has a good design and works with user defined settings and manages heat, air, speed thoroughly and gives high quality seals from beginning to end. Wear items are..