Air cushions protective packaging machine
max. 15 m/min | AirPouch® Express 3™ Automated Packaging Systems


  • Type:

    air cushions


The AirPouch® Express 3 Void-Fill Air Pillow System from Geotech is a trendy and easy-to-use air pillows for good packing productivity, reduced shipping costs, and better customer satisfaction. This device runs at speeds over 50 feet per minute in both semi or fully-automatic modes. It generates continuous strips of air pillows that are adequate in protective packing operations. This compact machine weighs 35 pounds and contains a full-electric system that renders a user-friendly control and maintenance-free operation.

AirPouch® Express 3 also has an available selection of accessories and system configurations to reach maximum productivity in special applications. Standard accessories can be installed to this machine to produce a smooth and isolated packing station. The system can also be installed into workstations for efficient order fulfillment operations.


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