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rotating table grinding-polishing machine / for CNC machines


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    rotating table, for CNC machines


The variety of shapes and dimensions, small runs and the difficulty in linishing and polishing large and heavy pieces, required a flexible solution so AUTOPULIT have developed this modern system with a UT-CNC BRIDGE MOUNTED HEAD which allows components of large dimensions to be handed. The parts are supported by a turn table specially designed to hold them for both interior and exterior finishing. The UT-CNC3 Bridge head (3 integrated axes) allows the tool to follow the profile of the piece ( tank top or base) on the outside or inside with the guarantee of HIGH QUALITY AND UNIFORMITY OF FINISH. An effective alternative to very costly hand finishing (portable machines) manually operated machines, or those which require precise setting even for small runs. Setting Process The control console is used to move the finishing consumable (abrasive belt, brush, etc.) and position it at various points along the profile; these are processed by the CONTROLLER and the programme for the piece is automatically recorded. For subsequent similar parts it is simply necessary to select the appropiate reference. The head is designed to compensate the wear of the consumables electronically; moreover it allows the pass on irregularities by means of constant pressure flotation.


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