infrared spectrometer / high-sensitivity / NIR / fiber optic
AvaSpec-NIR256/512-1.7-HSC-EVO; Cooled up to 1700nm Avantes



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  • Other characteristics:

    high-sensitivity, NIR, fiber optic, USB, Czerny-Turner

  • Field:


  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 900 nm

    Max.: 1,700 nm


Manufactured by Avantes, these new series cooled NIR_EVO spectrometers are instruments that can measure up to 1700nm. The AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7-HSC-EVO and the AvaSpec-NIR512-1.7-HSC-EVO offer the high sensitivity100mm optical bench (HSC) with the next generation of electronics (EVO) and do have a standard replaceable slit. Both instruments deliver exceptional performance specifications such as a high sample speed and integration times as fast as 20 μs. Digital and analog I/O ports enable external triggering and control over the shutter and pulsed light sources and choose from two distinct software-controlled gain-setting modes, high-sensitivity mode (HS, default) and the low-noise (LN) mode.
Cooling ensures optimal noise condition even at longer integration times.