video corpo

Fiber optic spectrometer / CCD
200 - 1160 nm | AvaSpec-ULS2048x64 Avantes


  • Type:

    fiber optic

  • Detector:



The AvaSpec-ULS2048x64 is a spectrometer which has high pixels and is compatible with large diameter fibers. A wavelength range of 200 - 1160 nm and a resolution of 0.09 -20 nm make the spectrometer suitable for low-light conditions. An integration time of 2.40 ms - 20 sec, a sample speed with on-board averaging of 2.40 ms / scan, and a data transfer speed of 2.40 ms/scan through the USB2 port ensures the instrument's quick working process.

Connection to the PC is handled via a USB2-connection. An AvaSoft-basic software, USB cable, and a manual also come with the instrument. Power can be supplied by the default USB power, a 450 mA or with SPU2 external 12VDC, 200 mA.


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