UV/VIS spectrometer / laboratory / USB / pre-calibrated
AvaSpec-ULS3648 Avantes



  • Type:


  • Field:


  • Other characteristics:

    USB, pre-calibrated, CCD, fiber optic

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,100 nm

    Min.: 200 nm


The AvaSpec ULS3648 and AvaSpec ULS2048 series is composed of pre-calibrated fiber optic CCD spectrometers developed by Avantes. Avantes offers different kinds of pre-configured spectrometers which are ready for shipping. Three of the devices in the selection can be configured for UV-VIS-NIR measurements in 200 - 1100 nm, one can be configured for VIS-NIR measurements in 360 - 1100 nm and lastly, one for the visible range of 360 - 880 nm. USB2-cable and an extensive instruction manual is provided.