emulsion separator / coalescing / oil / for wastewater treatment
AWAS International GmbH



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    oil, emulsion

  • Application domain:

    for wastewater treatment


Your advantages:

Nano full stream saturation with photon transmitter, coalescence and affinity effects,
working pressure 2..3 bar, no chemicals
Separation of the smallest free oil droplets, temporary emulsions
Following agglomeration of these substances
Conversion of temporary emulsions into reusable oils without chemicals
Even reduction of dissolved ethereal hydrocarbons

The AWAS-Affinity separator consists of
- a pressure pump of approximately 4 bar,
- a saturator with a centric photon transmitter
- an addition of compressed air of approximately 5 bar,
- a decompression valve and
- an Affinity-structure

The function principle

The waste water is saturated with compressed air in the saturator. At the same time, the water-molecular structures are renewed by means of a photon transmitter. Thereby the molecules of water and ingredients are sorted. In the decompression valve these substances are disassembled into micro droplets and microbubbles. Within the Affinity-structure, these substances agglomerate due to atomic affinity on their long floating path to the surface. The accumulated substances on the surface, in particular light fluids that are framed by the emulsion, attract the finest oil droplets by affinity and absorb them. The dissolved and ethereal substances are also attracted by the oil layer. The purified waste water flows behind a baffle into the outlet. At required time intervals, the oil-/ light-liquid layer is removed by means of a reamer, while a minimum layer remains for the purpose of affinity.