oil filter / for solids / high-efficiency / fine filtration
AWAS International GmbH



  • Designed for:

    oil, for solids

  • Other characteristics:

    high-efficiency, fine filtration, for water treatment, process water, grease, particulate


Fine filter for Oil/ Grease water (SS > 0,9 µm), No membrane clogging, Filtration layer cleaning by mixing
Sector: Oil & Gas

The PP-Filter is used to remove micro particles in the range of 0...5 μm from the water. The water may contain oils and fats and/or have a high salt load. These requirements are found out, for example, in the oil & gas sector for refining water or production water in oil production.
The PP-Filter combines the advantages of a multilayer filter regarding the sizes and material resistance and a microfilter layer with referring to the absolute separation accuracy. The blocking of the filter layer is thereby prevented by its disintegration during the cleaning process.
On the basis of our pilot tests we know that in produced water:
around 95% of particles are smaller than 15 μm,
the major part of the particles is smaller than 5 µm
and about 50% of the particles often are smaller than 3 μm
That is the reason why the AWAS PP.Filter, unlike other fine filters, also removes particles smaller than 5 µm.