CNC boring machine / numerical control / horizontal / multi-axis
SPM Axisco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.



  • Control type:

    CNC, numerical control

  • Spindle orientation:


  • Other characteristics:



It is always a lovely challenge to design a machine which brings customers huge production with high precision, easy operation, and low production costs.

Many kinds of machining requirements can be fulfilled and integrated such as drilling, boring, tapping, milling, slide-facing, turning, grooving, chamfering, polishing, burnishing, etc.
For different requirements, the machines can be designed in numerical, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems with proper tooling and fixtures.

Most kind of material, whether it is soft or hard, metal or non-metal, can be effectively machined on our SPM. Auto loading & unloading is also possible when the shape of components is simple.

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