hybrid electrical cable / insulated / flame control / fire-resistant
Vibraflame® Axon Cable



  • Type:


  • Protection:

    insulated, flame control, fire-resistant, for harsh environments

  • Configuration:

    multi-conductor, multi-strand, round

  • Core material:


  • Other characteristics:

    mineral-insulated, composite

  • Applications:

    industrial, harsh environment

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 1,050 °C (1,922 °F)

    Min.: -196 °C (-321 °F)


Vibraflame cables are wires and composite cables that are susceptible to fire therefore making them endure extreme temperatures of -196°C and +1565°C. These cables are suitable for operations that include places like steel and aluminum plants, oil refineries, glass factories, offshore rigs and military equipment. Unable to generate fire because it is constructed in a material that does not contain asbestos. Furthermore, these cables are also able to repel water and harsh chemicals as well. They can function as power, regulator, or coax feed cables according to the specific application wherein it is needed.