hybrid electrical cable / insulated / oil-resistant / armored
Axon Cable



  • Type:


  • Protection:

    insulated, oil-resistant, armored, chemical-resistant, high-temperature

  • Configuration:

    multi-strand, coaxial, round, paired, spiral, flat

  • Core material:


  • Other characteristics:

    flexible, custom, composite


Axon’ has designed tailor-made composite cables for 50 years. The company has integrated the manufacture of conductors (silver plated copper, tin plated copper, nickel plated copper,etc), the assembly, taping, shielding, and jacketing. Depending on the application, Axon’ uses fluorinated insulating materials (PTFE, ETFE, PFA), polyurethan, silicone. The company also develops insulating materials for custom designed requirements. Resistance to radiation, oil, flex life, high temperatures are challenges the company can meet.