data electrical cable / insulated / oil-resistant / armored
Axospiral® Axon Cable



  • Type:


  • Protection:

    insulated, oil-resistant, armored, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, high-temperature, for harsh environments

  • Configuration:

    multi-conductor, spiral

  • Other characteristics:

    flexible, custom

  • Applications:

    industrial, for robotics, overhead, medical, harsh environment, for the petroleum industry, for military applications, for the aeronautical industry


The spiral cables for dynamic automation systems are made from insulating materials of coiled cables and cords to withstand repetitive flexing. The spiral cables have also resistance to abrasion and chemical attack.

Its jacket is made of fluorinated thermoplastic, polyurethane, thermoplastic polyester and other special compounds. Furthermore, the coiled cables can be overmoulded and terminated to the connectors.