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0.20 mm | Picocoax®, multipicocoax®, Axon Cable



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Picocoax ®miniature coaxial cables have been developed by Axon’ to transmit a large number of signals with no interference. They offer an excellent compromise between a very small diameter (e.g 0.20 mm) and a capacitance of 50 to 100 pF/m. Picocoax® miniature coaxial cables are made with Silver Plated Copper Alloy conductor and high performance dielectric materials including FEP or Celloflon® (porous PTFE patented by Axon’ Cable). The use of Celloflon® enables the manufacture of lighter, smaller, more flexible coaxial cables with improved electrical characteristics.

Axon' Cable is able to design tailor-made cables with different configura-
tions: bundles of 18 to 256 (or more on request) Picocoax® cables (called Multipicocoax
®),hybrid cables with Picocoax® wires, twisted pairs, shielded wires, flexible wires, power cables or tubes able to transmit power, signals and fluids.

Axon' has the expertise to connect miniature coaxial cables to welded printed circuits.

There are many applications for this range of products:

-Test equipment,
› Sensors,
› Cameras,
› Medical applications including external or intra-corporeal probes, ultrasound imaging
equipment, endoscopy systems, catheter.