fiber optic photoelectric sensor / diffuse / rectangular / cylindrical
HPF Azbil Europe



  • Sensing mode:


  • Housing:

    rectangular, cylindrical

  • Type of beam:


  • Other characteristics:

    fiber optic


Azbil offers a wide range of models, that come in different shapes or optical types (Thru scan & Diffuse scan), for various applications and environments.

Limited space is a frequent concern in a wide range of industries. As a result, space saving has become an important aim of Azbil's fiber units. Several types exist:

Cylindrical shape is suitable for installation when space is limited, by attaching with the setscrew. Azbil's HPF-T038 is the smallest fiber unit head dia. (1.0 mm) in the industry.
Sleeve shape is used to maintain a small distance between the target object and the sensor in limited spaces.
Side view shape emits light to the side, its D-shape cut-out on the fiber unit head greatly reduces installation time and the time it takes to perform additional adjustments.
Flat shape is attached directly to the casing, additionally the cable lead-out is selectable from 4 directions.
If precision is your main concern, azbil's Coaxial shaped fiber unit is recommended for target object positioning or in combination with micro-spot lenses and other applications requiring highly precise positioning.
Improving detection performance yields many positive results.
Because of irregular reflection inside a lens, some light is returned even when no workpiece is present, but it is a small amount compared with the light reflected when there is a workpiece. In HPF-LU sensors, the internal wall of the lens has a special feature that keeps this internal reflection to a minimum, so there is an increased amount of difference in light level when a workpiece is actually present.