gas chromatograph / multi-detector / natural gas / laboratory
HGC303 Azbil Europe



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    natural gas, laboratory

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Compact, Smart & Affordable.

The Heat Value Gas Chromatograph (HGC303) is the world smallest gas chromatograph, which is capable of analyzing 11 different components of natural gas and digitally publishing the derived parameters, such as calorific value, Wobbe-index, or density.


By using our leading sensing & control technology, we designed the HGC303 specifically for custody transfer, quality control, and other natural gas applications to meet the demands of the expanding natural gas market. The Heat Value Gas Chromatograph's size, weight, cost and other great features gives the user the benefits of functionality, flexibility and economy from the production site to the pipe line station to the gas distributor and onto the end user's station.


Small size for easy field installation
Simple to start-up and easy to maintain
Pre-engineered analysis and calculations for Natural Gas Metering
Digital communication for system integration
PC monitoring and online diagnostics

Make sure to take a look at the Heat Value Gas Chromatograph Fieldbus Adaptor (HFA). The HFA is a communication interface module used to connect with azbil's state of the art analyzer, the HGC303 that operates on a FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 network. Another powerful component is the Heat Value Data Manager (HDM), which adds valuable data management functions to the analyzer.