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Resistance temperature probe / with stainless steel tube
B+B Thermo-Technik


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    with stainless steel tube


Temperature Probes with stainless steel tube, connection cable PVC insulation, Tmax 105°C open ends, end sleeves.

Adopted individually to the needs of the customer, B+B Thermo-Technik provides a wide range of cable probes. In particular, this type of probe is produced in large quantities for boilers and thermal stores. Sword shaped or flat test probes ensure an optimum temperature measurement.

Cable probes can be delivered for a temperature range up to 125°C with PVC- coating; up to 180°C with a silicone coating, and up to 250°C with PTFE coating. The exhaust Temperature Probe Models, with a glass fibre coating, can be used up to 350°C

In the gauge slide are several temperature sensors used. Available are Pt100,Pt1000, NI1000, TK5000, NTC5k, NTC10k, KTY81-110 and KTY81-210 sensors


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