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Resistance temperature sensor
B+B Thermo-Technik


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Screw-in thermocouples are preferred for measuring temperatures in liquid and gaseous media. The reliable sealing of the fitting form in sub as well as positive pressure is an important selection criterion.
Heating, Furnace and Instrument designs as long as Process Technology are the application areas.

The terminal head is suitable for ambient temperatures up to +100°C. The measurement range is standard, from -50°C to +800°C. However, this can be extended to special demands up to +1200°C. In addition to the standard connection head form B also designs A, MA, (J), AUS, BUS, BUZ and Binox are available.
Protection tubes made of stainless steel and protect the gauge slide from chemical influences and mechanical damage. The gauge slide is equipped with thermocouples, according to DIN EN 60 584, class 1 and DIN 43 710 or Pt elements according to DIN EN 60 751.


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