platinum resistive temperature sensor / plug-in
Pt100, Pt1000 B+B Thermo-Technik


  • Technology:

    platinum resistive

  • Other characteristics:



Screw- Resistance Thermometers are preferably used for measuring temperatures in liquid and gaseous media or in the plastic industry.
The reliable impermeability of this design at low pressure as well as over pressure is an important selection criteria.
Application areas are among others in the air conditioning and cooling technology as well as in heating- and furnace-industry.

The connecting cables are depending on the insulating material, suitable for dry or humid ambiant constitions and for temperature range up to -40°C...+400°C. The transition to the connecting cable is strain relieved. An anti kink protection is optionally available.

The measuring inserts are available with different types of sensors, for example wit Pt100, Pt1000 or Thermocouples according to DIN
EN 602, IEC 584 type J and type K.


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