Diode laser
BWN series B&W TEK Inc

Available at 532nm, 594nm, 635nm, 660nm, 685nm, 780nm and 830nm wavelengths.

The BWN laser series is a line of solid-state electrically pumped diode lasers and diode pumped solidstate lasers. Compact and self-contained, the BWN emits a pure TEM00 beam with diffraction limited performance and a typical M2 of 1.05. With variable power options, these modules are ideal for demanding applications, such as metrology, photoluminescence, printing, illumination, scanning, inspection, particle counting, and a variety of biomedical applications. These OEM laser modules maintain outstanding optical performance over a broad temperature range, guaranteeing minimal power fluctuations and virtually eliminating high frequency noise. It has the world’s smallest OEM controller with power consumption < 5 Watts. It has been qualified for use in some of the most demanding highend instruments, with deployments in the tens of thousands of units.


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