Solid-state laser
375 - 475 nm | BWB B&W TEK Inc


The BWB series are very compact, self-contained, thermoelectric (TE)-cooled, solid-state Violet/Blue lasers. They can be operated over a wide temperature range, 10 to 35°C with a stable and quiet laser output power. The combination of excellent beam characteristics, such as mode quality and low divergence, makes the lasers suitable for beam focusing, as well as long distance beam positioning. The compact power supply can be easily integrated into the OEM version. The end user version has all the applicable safety features, such as key-lock switch, emission indicator and remote interlock.

Key Features

- Options from 4 mW to 100 mW continuous power
- Double thermoelectric cooling
- Excellent mode quality and low divergence
- Very low noise and stable output
- Compact power supply in end-user and OEM versions


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