Ammonia (NH3) gas transmitter
0 - 500 ppm | GDX-150 Bacharach

Bacharach’s new GDX-150 Ammonia (NH3) Transmitter is the most economical solution for monitoring
and detecting increased levels of ammonia. Gas concentrations are quickly transmitted via 4-20 mA
current loop back to a centralized controller where concentrations can be displayed, alarms activated,
or exhaust fans turned on. The GDX-150 is a 2-wire sensor transmitter that accepts low power sensor
modules that are easily replaced in the field.
Features & Benefits

Simple 2-wire, 4-20 mA interface transmits signals thousands of feet
Improved noise immunity with stainless steel sensor head
Simple, non-obtrusive design
Robust, tamper-proof housing


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