Refrigerant Recovery Machine with oil-free compressor
ECO-2020™ Bacharach



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    with oil-free compressor


The Eco-2020™ is a compact refrigerant recovery machine. It is used to handle tough conditions from residential and light-commercial contractors. As it is enclosed in a rugged case, the model is protected from gauges and connections. It has an AC motor which is designed with an overload protection. Ease of use and accessibility is achieved through a one-knob operation of the model.

An integrated purge function reduces the risk of contamination and the loss of refrigerants. Contaminants are also prevented from entering the machine through an in-line filter. Featuring a high/low pressure shut-off function, each unit of the machine is made with a port that enables 80% shut-off capacity.

The model can work with all Category III, IV and V refrigerants, including R410a liquid and vapor.