Gas detector / ammonia / with audible alarm / monitoring
25 - 10 000 ppm | AGMSZ Bacharach


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    with audible alarm

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The Bacharach AGMSZ (Ammonia Gas Monitor Single Zone) is meant mainly for uninterrupted single-point monitoring of ammonia gas. There is an LCD display that features the results of the monitoring, the type of gas, the present gas level and the peak gas level detected. Analysis of previous logs is also possible. The instrument is fitted with an audible alarm and indicators on the front panel to signal discrepancies. It is possible to trigger relay contacts to external alarm devices in case of system fault, leaks, spills or when large levels of gases are detected. The system is equipped with a 4-20 mA current loop interface to connect to the remote monitoring equipment. Can measure ammonia gas from 25 to 10,000 ppm, and with 1 ppm sensitivity.


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