Gas detector system / freon / flammable gas / infrared
0 - 50 000 ppm | MGD-100 series Bacharach


  • Measured value:


  • Gas type:

    freon, flammable gas

  • Technology:



Users requiring real time gas monitoring of refrigerant, combustible, and toxic gases can rely on Bacharach’s MGD-100 Series, a reliable and scalable gas detection system. This standalone system is fitted with alarms to alert the user whenever the preset-thresholds are crossed. The personnel in charge is alerted of potential hazards through a centralized controller that contains an onboard buzzer and LED alarm indicators. This system can be configured in different ways, right from single-sensor, one-alarm level systems to 6 sensor, with 2 alarm level scalable systems. A main feature of the device is that it is a standalone device with quick and easy installation. It is cost-effective too. The intelligent alarm system detects leaks instantly, there saving on refrigerant gas usage and containing environmental impact. Fitted with long-life semiconductor sensors to detect refrigerants, ammonia, halocarbons, combustibles & VOCs.


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