Profile bending machine / manual
1.18 " | MPB-10 Baileigh Industrial


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Ever wonder how the scroll work that youve seen on decorative gates or fences ended up being so perfect. Here is your answer; Baileigh Industrials MPB-10 scroll bender is a great metal bender for any fabrication shop that is working with copper, aluminum or wrought iron. It has a very heavy cast iron frame with a large 8-1/4 round table that fits three different size scrolling attachments. This MPB-10 is a manual machine that has a heavy duty bending lever to transfer the power to the scrolling head, making the operation of this metal bender almost effortless.

This scroll bender has the capacity to bend 1-1/8 wide x 3/8 thick wrought iron for fences and gates, railings, furniture, decorative yard art and much more. This machine is great for producing radius bends and spirals. If youre looking for production or just simple projects for around the house your shop isnt complete without the MPB-10 scroll bender.


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