dynamic balancing device / for grinding machines / automatic / high-speed
Absolute Balancer Balance Systems S.r.l



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for grinding machines

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-speed

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 25,000 rpm (157,080 rad.min-1)


1 and 2 plane automatic balancing devices for grinding machines

The range of ABSOLUTE BALANCER® heads, exclusive Balance Systems design, represents the state-of-the-art in the automatic balancing technology.

ABSOLUTE BALANCER® are available in all configurations for 1 and 2 plane balancing. They ensure unprecedented performances both in terms of execution speed and final accuracy. The balancing heads are managed via contactless control (NoLink) by VM25 modular multifunction unit.


- Exclusive Balance Systems design with moment-free architecture
- Designed in a wide range of diameters and shapes for built-in spindle mounting, starting from diameter 28mm
- Embedded rotational speed sensor
- Operating rotation speed up to 25.000 rpm
- Residual unbalance achievable at least 10 times less than traditional solutions on 1 and 2 plane
- Deterministic balancing time
- Automatic neutral cycle (weights at 180°)
- Acoustic emission sensor (AE) can be integrated (optional)


- Corrects all dynamic effects on the grinding spindle, optimizing the surface geometry and quality of the work-piece
- Increases the machine productivity
- Enhance spindle and wheels lifetime
- Increases of dressing interval with reduced environmental impact
- Does not require surveillance