grinding machine measuring gauge
TGA – Top Gauge Absolute Balance Systems S.r.l



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    for grinding machines


Absolute gauges for in-process measuring of diameter on cylindrical grinding machine

Top Gauge Absolute (TGA) helps to improve precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes, through an accurate measuring of workpieces diameters. Its outstanding performance, in fact, combines one of the Balance Systems’ milestones “TG200 gauge head” with state-of-the-art mechatronic solutions that earn a quick measuring process along with a high accuracy level. Top Gauge Absolute measures all diameters within its measurement range, with pre/in/post-process cycle, with no need to reset the single diameter.


2 simultaneous measuring process; availability in combination with the measurement of the axial position (active or passive flagging)
32 part programs
Measuring of smooth and interrupted surfaces
In-process roundness and shape analysis
6 commands to control the infeed
Thermal compensation
Remote programming


Allows productions to be stable and consistent and with tight tolerances
Compensates the grinding wheel wear
Increases productivity
Can be implemented both on new and existing machines in the field (retrofitting)
Easy to use
Does not require surveillance