horizontal balancing machine / dynamic / for fan-motor units
3 kg, ø max. 500 mm | BTK1B-2S Balance Systems S.r.l



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  • Applications:

    for fan-motor units



- Dynamic balancing machine with one or two work stations (blowers).
- For all types of assembled motors with fan.
- Suitable for balancing and functional testing assembled radiators cooling fans in the automotive field.
- As an option it is possible to carry out the electric test of the motor.
- The entire balancing and testing cycle is menu driven for easy operation.
- The basic machine is equipped to balance fans with DC motor without electronics control on board, but is predisposed to accept all the necessary devices to balance fans with electronic controls on board.


- Compact machine
- User friendly program
- Very easy to use
- High level of repeatability
- High balancing precision
- No skilled operator needed