vertical balancing machine / static / pneumatic / for cutting tools
max. 10 kg, ø max. 400 mm | BVK3-10 Balance Systems S.r.l



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  • Applications:

    for cutting tools



- General purpose vertical balancing machine for disc shaped parts, the machine can be easily tooled for all disc shaped parts as: brake discs,drums, fans, pulleys, flywheels, tools, etc.
- Unbalance measurement on 1 or 2 planes, parts clamping by manual device, as an option it is possible to clamp the parts with a pneumatic device.
- The assembled vacuum cleaner motor is picked up directly from the loading transport system, that is usually supplied by the customer, and it is a pallet line. Machine easy to install and to use.
- Operator interface by industrial PC.
- High level of flexibility and quick changeover.
- Full range of options to meet all the customer’s requirements.


- Compact machine
- High level of flexibility
- High measuring repeatability
- High balancing precision
- Quick changeover
- User friendly