horizontal balancing machine / dynamic / electric armature / semi-automatic
max. 1 kg, ø 20 - 60 mm | SBM4 Balance Systems S.r.l



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    electric armature

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- Semi automatic balancing machine for armatures of electric motors. It is composed of: one measuring unit, one milling unit for left and right planes and pneumatic “pick and place” for the manipulation of the parts (from measuring unit to milling unit and vice versa).
- Standard configuration with milling in length up to 14 mm (0,55 in). The machine can be delivered upon request with components or polar milling tools.
- Loading / unloading of the parts in the measuring unit is done by the operator.


- Highly skilled operator not required
- Very easy to use
- PC based operator interface
- Easy to maintain
- Diagnostic and preventive maintenance programs
- High level of repeatability and precision of the unbalance
- Compact dimension
- User friendly