portable pyrometer / direct-reading

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portable pyrometer / direct-reading portable pyrometer / direct-reading - TL-0215C


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The BALTECH TL-0215C series infrared thermometers require no contact, and are a common temperature measuring device, for different industrial environments. They can measure temperatures up to 1,500 °C, with FOV of 1:50, and adjustable reflection ratio. They operate quickly and efficiently. They also contain high-quality lens, and perform measurements without errors. They are recommended to be used for short distances. If used for long distances, the measurement area increases, and chance of error increases. For example, if used for an area with a 50 m diameter, with the relevant measure taking place only at 1 m, the thermometer will show an average temperature, taken from the entire area. Some areas can have high fluctuations in temperature, so the relative area temperature will not be properly displayed.