electric bending machine / for tubes / mechanical / CNC
Master 3X Baltic Machine-building Company



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    mechanical, CNC


Bending machine Master CE-51-3X - automatic CNC version of modular bending machines of MASTER Series

With this bending software you can design any tube parts for few minutes and receive 3D model and draft of these part/

Bending machine automaticaly:

- Calculates and takes into account factors ofspringing and lengthen of the tube material during bending, and also calculate the length of the tube parts, you just need to specify the tube size and material

- Can simulate on the display bending process of designed part to check the possibility of of its manufacturing and for add changes suggested by the program, if necessary

Modification of the part design can be on any stage of the design and manufacturing process in automatic mode

Bending machine works in automatic and "step by step" mode:

- In automatic mode, the machine autonaticaly generates a bending program for the designed parts

- "Step-by-step mode allows to produce parts if you have only billet and then save all the data of the part and receiving of draft and program for the bending of parts in automatic mode