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C00369 BAND-IT

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manual clamping tool manual clamping tool - C00369


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A heavy duty version of the C00169: Standard Banding Tool tool. Primarily designed for thicker materials and is not recommended for band widths 0.015" or 0.020". This tool can be used for 0.044” X ¾" wide Giant Band. Tool will tension beyond the limits of the 3300 lbs of force to yield ¾" wide 201SS Giant Band.

Replacement Parts:

C04799 - Spin Grip, External Retaining Ring, Tension Handle Bushing, Tension Handle, Set Screw, and Thrust Bearing
C06799 - Tension Screw 5/8", Eccentric Lever Pivot Pin, Gripper Spring, Band Gripper, and Slide Block
C05887 - Cutter Bar Handle, Vinyl Grip, Set Screw, and Cutter Bar